CBD Oil and Anxiety: Cannabidiol-Enriched Oils Improve Our lives

CBD Oil and Anxiety: Can We Reduce Stress by Taking CBD?

Cannabidiol is an incredibly popular ingredient: it is already used in cosmetics, and even Coca-Cola is planning to add it to its drinks. Confectioners, brewers, soap makers and other manufacturers are drawing attention to their packaging, by using the inflorescence of hemp to indicate that their product contains the now fashionable cannabidiol. In 2017, the CBD market was estimated to be at $202 million. According to forecasts, by 2020, it will reach $2.1 billion. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of fuss about hemp oil right now.

This is not surprising, due to its positive effects and ability to relieve nervousness, improve sleep quality and reduce chronic pain. Thanks to the powerful properties it has, CBD oil is now very popular. CBD oil for anxiety is widely used by a lot of specialists around the globe. But does CBD oil help with anxiety and relieving stress? Let’s find out together.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is not a psychoactive substance, but still has a lot of therapeutic benefits. These benefits differ from the benefits of medical marijuana used to reduce pain and symptoms. CBD oil is a hemp extract from legal hemp varieties. The oil is made from hemp, or, speaking scientifically, from the Cannabis Sativa plant and has no narcotic effect. The content of THC in this product does not exceed the statutory limit of 0.3%. For a light “toxic” effect you have to take about 6-9 liters of hemp oil instantly!

The most important thing in purchasing CBD oil for anxiety is to find a trusted supplier who offers only high-quality products. For premium CBD products, visit Green Papas. Here you will find tinctures, oils, topicals and edibles enriched with cannabidiol to help you maintain a healthy balance in your body.

Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Cannabidiol showed good results in an experiment studying public speeches by people with diagnosed social phobia. The CBD group was noticeably less worried than those who tried to cope with their fear without medication or after taking a placebo.

CBD acts primarily on receptors located in the brain, preventing dopamine activation and promoting inhibition of hyperactivity. Thus, CBD soothes the nervous and immune system and helps with nervous and mental problems, as well as autoimmune diseases that are caused by an overreaction of the immune system.

The worldwide obsession with products containing cannabidiol can be explained simply. First, more and more countries are legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes; the market for its production is growing and pulling in the pharma markets. Secondly, the number of studies on the benefits of CBD is increasing every year. For example, in this discussion about CBD more than 54,000 people have left comments on how CBD helped them. Today, a generation of Millennials with increased anxiety are tired of relying on antidepressants and looking for salvation in alternative medicine and natural drugs.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed cannabidiol as a safe drug. The WHO recommendations suggest that cannabidiol should not be controlled on the basis of available evidence. The WHO reports, in particular, confirm that cannabidiol, in many countries of the world, is already used for the treatment of various diseases, is safe for the human body, and can also be used in pure form or as a part of combined drugs, or as a medical drug.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

The use of CBD oil for anxiety and depression may be an acceptable option for individuals with such disorders and phobias. Anxiety disorder is a condition that causes irrational fears of being among other people. The main role is played by fear, even though we often do not know specifically why it appeared. In addition to anxiety disorders, when patients are afraid of something unknown, they are also subjected to phobias, caused by a particular situation or thing.

So, how much CBD oil should be taken for anxiety? The more people use cannabinoids in the management of their illnesses, the more expertise they acquire in identifying the consistent patterns and proportions that have emerged during their treatment. With regard to depression, seizures, anxiety and psychosis, many people claim to be doing well, after starting with a low dose of CBD-rich medication with a few THCs.

Look for High-Quality Products

No matter what form you choose, none of them will get you high. Search for items with distinct labels showing: the number and ratio of CBD and THC in each dose, date of manufacturing and lot number. You can use CBD in a variety of ways, depending on your individual needs, but some forms are more bioavailable than others. Select ingredient-quality products without corn syrup, GMOs, trans fats, solvents, artificial additives or preservatives. Products should be inspected for pesticides, bacteria, mold, solvent residues and other pollutants.

Inhalations, topical ointments and tinctures have the greatest bioavailability of CBD. Capsules for oral administration are also quite effective, but less bioavailable. Some people like to add butter to their morning smoothies. Green Papas has a wide selection of high-quality CBD-containing products – simply choose what is right for you and add it to your daily diet.

Watch the Dosage

Now let’s discuss the right CBD oil dose for anxiety and stress. Cannabinoids have two-phase features – high and low dosages of the same drug can cause opposite effects. Large doses have a sedative effect while small doses of cannabis tend to act as a stimulant. Too much THC can increase mood swings, stress and anxiety. Efficacy has no side effects, but overdosing on CBD may be less effective than taking a milder dose.

 cbd oil for anxiety

The efficacious amount may take only a few ounces of CBD oil. Begin with a light dose of CBD-rich low THC oil, particularly if you have poor or no history with cannabis dioxide. Take a few tiny doses per day instead of one high dose. Use the same dose and the same proportion over several days. Monitor the results and correct the ratio or amount as needed. Do not put too much pressure on it.

What About Vaping?

Many vaping products obtained from cannabis contain a diluent – the vapor is what evaporates when heated and what you inhale through an electronic cigarette. Avoid oils containing propylene glycol. If overheated, it produces carcinogens and formaldehyde as by-products. Try to avoid flavors, especially cinnamon and cream. They are extremely toxic. Ask for cartridges containing only hemp-derived natural terpenes. The aroma of your cartridge should come directly from the flower of the cannabis from which it was extracted.

CBD Oil for Depression

Cannabinoids can provide a safe symptomatic effect to the body. Its efficiency can affect the work of neurotransmitters in the brain that control mood. When depression is treated but not the root cause and symptoms, the focus must turn to correcting the underlying chemical imbalance. But depression is a mental illness that requires not only the restoration of chemical balance. So, how can we use CBD oil for depression and mood swings?

When a patient, with clinical depression, takes a low dose of sublingual spray or CBD-rich oil and has a wonderful day for the first time in a long time, it becomes apparent that CBD is a powerful mood-altering drug. Unlike most antidepressants, CBD will not make a person feel inhibited and will also positively affect the human psyche.

CBD Oil for Insomnia

Everyone sometimes has nights when we count sheep and cannot sleep. But what if this little inconvenience starts to repeat itself regularly and gradually turns into a nightmare?

The rules for the treatment of insomnia are simple and generally similar to the other rules – just watch the dosage and do not abuse your medications. Chronic insomnia has an extremely negative effect on the state of the body, which requires rapid intervention.

Like many prescription drugs, sleeping pills do not have a very good reputation: of the significant side effects they often result in— dizziness, weakness and disorientation after waking up. A research, originating in the 70s, has shown that cannabinoids can act as a mild sedative.

Which Problems Do CBD Oil Also Solve?

Dozens of studies are praising the therapeutic effect of cannabinoid. It helps with numerous diseases, such as epilepsy, nervous bulimia and even Parkinson’s disease. Thus, CBD oil benefits for anxiety and our general health condition cannot be underestimated.

If you decide to use CBD oil for sleep and anxiety, it will definitely be quite useful in mitigating the following problems:

  1. Conditions related to mental health. With its antipsychotic effect, CBD can be useful in treating such conditions as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, anxiety, and disorders related to social communication skills.
  2. In case of inflammation and pain. One of the top bonuses of CBD-enriched products is a natural relief from inflammations and pain of all kinds.
  3. Headache. CBD can reduce the level of sensitivity in pain receptors and help to get rid of headaches caused by the increased activity of nerve cells.
  4. Premenstrual syndrome. Thanks to the essential fatty acids that CBD contains, PMS can be relieved and the balance in female hormones can be restored. Moreover, the usage of CBD will also help you to avoid most of the painful symptoms of this syndrome.
  5. Stress. Regular consumption of cannabidiol reduces pre-existing levels of stress and irritability and helps to increase and strengthen the overall level of resistance to stress.

CBD Oil for Animals

It is unclear, how long it takes for CBD oil to work for anxiety in pets or how much CBD oil for anxiety treatment is required in such cases. Pet owners cannot get expert advice and currently must develop their own dosages of cannabidiol for their animals. Of course, before giving your pets any medication, you should consult with a specialist on how to use CBD oil for anxiety in animals.

 CBD Oil for Animals cbd oil for anxiety

But if you are absolutely sure of the need for CBD for your beloved pet, use finished products containing this substance. For example, Nestlé began selling products containing CBD under the brand name Garden of Life. The range of products includes capsules, oils and sprays.

The use of medical marijuana as an impurity in foods has not yet been fully investigated, and its benefits for pets has also not been studied. Still, some pet owners believe that CBD is able to calm the nervous system of their dogs and cats.

Adverse Effects of CBD Oil

Cannabinoid-opioid interactions have great therapeutic value. THC increases the analgesic power of opiates, and its effectiveness can reduce symptoms of withdrawal and addiction. The problem of interaction is more likely to occur with the consumption of products that isolate CBD in high doses.

CBD, itself, is a very harmless product. Yet, it has the ability to engage with many popular pharmaceutical products. Cannabidiol decontaminates the enzymes of cytochrome P450 in sufficient doses, changing the way in which blood solvents, statins, painkillers, insulin and other substances are absorbed.

The interactions among CBD and drugs can be hazardous, but they can also help to alleviate adverse effects while enhancing the patient’s quality of life.


Supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana have long urged the authorities to accept its proven therapeutic value and efficiency in the treatment of various kinds of pain, anxiety, convulsions.

Now you know how to take CBD oil for anxiety, stress relief and insomnia and are able to make your own decision. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist regarding the dosage and possible side effects of CBD.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality products containing cannabidiol, don’t hesitate to contact Green Papas – here you will find all the products you need to maintain your health and treat anxiety, illness or even depression.