Can You Smoke CBD Oil? Learn How to Do It Properly

Everything You Should Know Before Using a CBD Oil Vape Pen

As far as methods of consuming CBD are concerned, vaping is only starting to gain momentum. Only with the growth and popularity of e-cigarettes, more and more people are moving towards vaping CBD oil. What once was covered in stigma and mystery is now considered a useful asset with powerful healing benefits.

What is CBD vape oil, and what should I know about it? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone learning the ropes, read our ultimate guide on CBD oil for vapes because you can never be too educated on this topic.

What is CBD Oil Vape Juice?

A CBD oil vape pen is a CBD intake method involving smokeless, low-temperature inhalation. Some of them are pure additives that you combine with your normal vape liquid, or you can buy ready-made blends.

Contrary to a popular misunderstanding, CBD oil in vape is not oil. The confusion stems from the fact that hemp-derived oil is a well-known concept, which has been around for hundreds of years. The modern formula for vaping devices has only recently been developed and is more accurately described as vape juice or e-liquid. However, you can still easily swap these terms – just remember that technically speaking, they are not the same.

The term CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally-occurring compound in hemp and cannabis plants. When the compound is derived from the plant and consumed, it interacts with the body and alleviates a wide range of symptoms.

The endocannabinoid system within the body has certain receptors that cannabinoids like CBD can affect. These receptors regulate the nervous system (including pain and pleasure perception), digestion, and the immune system. While CBD can’t treat the root causes of diseases, it successfully regulates how various conditions affect you, meaning, it makes for more comfortable living conditions. However, some research indicates the great potential for using CBD as medication, which we will talk about later.

Choosing Your CBD Oil Vaporizer

There are several types of CBD products suitable for vaping, and they are compatible with different devices. Some are harder to use, but you don’t need a Ph.D. in vaping to figure out how to use CBD e-juice. Besides, easier devices tend to be less cost-efficient. Without any further ado, here are the devices you can choose from:

  • CBD vape e-liquid is sometimes colloquially called “CBD vape oil”. It is any vape juice that contains CBD instead of nicotine.
  • CBD cartridges are little tanks that connect to a standard battery. They contain the CBD vape e-liquid, described above, but already measured in the form of disposable containers. They also come as CBD pods, which has the same idea but with a twist – they connect to JUULs. Pods are convenient when users want to easily swap between nicotine and CBD cartridges.
  • Disposable CBD vape pens are popular among beginners, so you can use them as an introduction to vaping as well. Vape pens are small, practically weightless e-cigarettes with pre-filled CBD oil cartridges. You get about 100-300 puffs out of one pen. Once you’re done, you can simply throw them away.
  • Refillable CBD vape pens can be recharged and used multiple times. It usually has a tube-shaped battery, a tank, and an internal coil. Advantages include better flavor and cost-efficiency because you only purchase CBD oil for vape pens and nothing else. As for the downsides, it will require some maintenance such as recharging and cleaning.

Shop for CBD vape juices and cartridges at Green Papas and get them delivered quickly to your home. We offer affordable oils with no additives. If you are new to vaping, a plastic pen might seem like a strange way to consume a natural remedy. But our products are 100% organic, and you won’t inhale any harmful chemicals. Order your batch and finally see that CBD is worth the hype.

How to Vape CBD Oil

Manufacturers may have different instructions for vapes, but the general idea remains the same. If you are already using a vape, the transition will be plain and simple since the process is the same as using the nicotine-based vaping liquid. If you are a beginner, here is how to vape CBD oil:

  1. Connect the market standard cartridges (510-thread) to the battery. In case you are using a JUUL, connect the pod to its battery.
  2. Turn the device on.
  3. At first, inhale very lightly and wait to see how your body reacts to CBD.
  4. Take bigger puffs if you are not experiencing a bad reaction.
  5. Check the battery life and clean the tanks from time to time. 

How to Use CBD Oil in a Vape Pen

The process of using vape pens for CBD oil is similar with only a few other steps:

  1. Put the vape liquid inside the tank.
  2. Prime the coil (more on that below).
  3. Wait for ten minutes to let the coil pre-saturate.
  4. Turn the battery on according to the instructions.
  5. Start inhaling with small puffs and press the button at the same time.
  6. Take a break to see how you respond. If everything is great, you can take bigger puffs.
  7. Remember to clean CBD oil pens regularly. 

How to Change Vape Juice

If you want to try a different flavor of e-liquid, you can either thoroughly clean the tank or just pop another one in. If you don’t mind mixing CBD oil flavors, it will be much easier. Besides, the first couple of puffs can be very tasty when you have similar flavor profiles. However, if they don’t go together, chances are you won’t appreciate the combination.

You can, however, save yourself some time. When the tank is empty, take a couple of small hits to dry the wicks. Don’t go overboard as you risk catching an unpleasantly dry hit. Lower the wattage to be safe and switch the flavor on the dry wicks.

If you have a rebuildable dripping atomizer, you will have no trouble switching flavors on the go. Simply remove the cap and blow on the coils, while simultaneously firing the device. You will see how the wicks are turning white as they dry up. Once again, remember that you shouldn’t do it excessively as you might ruin the coil.

For an in-depth consultation and CBD oil vape pen kit recommendations, contact Green Papas. Our helpful specialists will resolve any issue you come across, guide you through our range of products, and teach you how to use CBD oil in a vape pen. Online research can only get you so far – so when you can receive advice from professionals, you should always take that opportunity.

What to Do When the Vape Burns

When you notice that the vape is burning your throat, most likely, it is the result of the coils burning without any liquid. When you have no e-juice left to vaporize, you are inhaling burnt cotton from the wicks. The most common reasons and solutions to this problem are:

  • Excessively high wattage. When you put the wattage on a high setting, you will go through the vaping e-juice too quickly. Even though there might be some liquid left inside, the outside of the wick produces the roasted taste. Therefore, stay within the recommended range.
  • Chain vaping. When you take too many hits in a short amount of time, you will also get a burnt smell. In that case, set the vape aside for 10 minutes to let the juice cover the dried up parts.
  • CBD oil without propylene glycol. High-VG (vegetable glycerin) juices don’t do well with some vaping devices. For example, if the size of the wick holes is very small, you might need to switch to 50% PG.
  • The coils are not primed. This problem occurs the most often, which means too many vapers fail to perform this necessary step. Read on for descriptive steps on priming your vape.

How to Prime Vaping Coils

Coils inside the vape tanks all have a similar structure and principle of use. Can you smoke CBD oil without priming? We would not recommend it, so repeat the following steps every time you change the coil:

  1. Unpack the new coil.
  2. Put several drops inside the coil and on the wicking holes.
  3. Fill the tank with vaping liquid and assemble the tank.
  4. Connect the vape tank to the mod and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Inhale on the tip of the tank without firing to speed up the process.

cbd oil vape

Depending on what wattage for CBD oil you use, and if it is adjustable, start at the lower end and gradually increase it as needed. If you have extra liquid inside the coil, you will deal with “spitting”. To fix this, slightly raise the power without exceeding the limit.

Priming refillable pods is an easy task. They normally come without the liquid, so you need to:

  1. Put the vaping CBD oil inside the pod.
  2. Allow it to saturate for some time.
  3. Inhale while it is still off to push the e-juice and avoid dry hits.

How to Clean Your Vape

Here is how you can clean different parts of your CBD oil starter kit:

  • Vape Tank. When you are taking the tank apart, pay attention to all the parts and how they fit together. If it is fairly clean, water should suffice for the task – simply rinse all the parts under running water. If you need to use a cleaning agent, you can use simple household items: baking soda, ethanol, vinegar, vodka, dish soap, or lemon juice.
  • Replaceable coils. Soak them in one of the cleaning agents for several hours. You want to rinse them under running water and then with some distilled water for the final rinse. Don’t place the coil back into the device before it is fully dry.
  • Rebuildable coils. Lightly dry burn your coils after removing the wicks. Remove the atomizer and brush it under running water. Finish with another dry burn.
  • Vape pen. If you can detach the tank, the process is straightforward. However, if it doesn’t, you’ll have to take a Q-tip soaked in propylene glycol or distilled water and carefully clean the tank.

The Health Effects of CBD

The research on the CBD oil vape effects is in full swing, and we are increasingly receiving more evidence on its various medical applications. These applications can be broadly divided into the following categories: pain relief, reducing symptoms of movement disorders, and treatment of mental health conditions.

CBD Oil Vaping for Pain Relief

Cannabinoids were proven to be ten times more effective than morphine, in wide dynamic range neurons transmitting pain. It was additionally approved for cancer pain, which did not respond to opioid therapy. The long-term follow-up showed further reductions in pain scores. These are all promising results, indicating a big future for the treatment of chronic pain with CBD oil.

Administration of CBD in a study focused on the clinical symptoms of arthritis was able to stop the progression of the disease. The data clearly shows that CBD has an anti-arthritic impact by exhibiting immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects.

Researchers are also looking into topical CBD. They found that it can be absorbed through many classes of wounds and subsequently interacts with cannabinoid receptors. The demonstrated analgesic efficacy can potentially replace topical opioids.

Movement Disorders and CBD

Other benefits of vaping CBD oil include motor disorders treatment. Clinical research indicates that CBD may be used for the treatment of refractory epilepsy. Researchers used CBD-enriched cannabis extract for patients with this condition and found that seizure frequency was significantly reduced. Another study showed that CBD oil vape treatment resulted in 39% of patients having a >50% reduction in seizures, with 10% becoming seizure-free.

Mental Health Care with CBD

Can CBD oil be vaped to treat mental health problems? Consumers are particularly interested in the use of CBD for anxiety. One particular study supports the efficacy of CBD in this realm with anxiety scores decreasing in 79.2% of patients. Similar effectiveness was shown in a different study.

At Green Papas, it is our mission to bring these medical benefits to our customers. With such great potential, it would be a shame not to use CBD oil for vape to your advantage. Start living a more comfortable and peaceful life with 100% natural solutions.

What Is the Right Amount to Take?

Any sort of treatment needs to be fitted specifically to the person taking CBD. You need to take into account their body weight, their health condition, the severity of the symptoms, and their body chemistry. You will have to experiment and see how your body reacts. It might be as little as 10 milligrams or as high as 200-1000 milligrams. On average, however, users take about 20-30 milligrams.

If you are completely new to CBD oil for vaping, it’s best to start with 1-2 milligrams at first and wait for several hours before your next try. You can slightly increase your dosage – preferably gradually by 5 milligrams. In the meantime, see if it is starting to help your symptoms or if you feel drowsy. If you are experiencing fatigue, you may want to decrease the dose. However, it is not always noticeable straight away, so keep an eye on how you feel throughout the entire day. Once you find your sweet spot, remember the dosage, and don’t go beyond that.

cbd oil vape

Normally, a cartridge will contain 100 milligrams of CBD oil vape juice, and with each puff, you get one or two milligrams. In case you have a different device, such as a vape CBD oil pen or tank, the concentration of CBD will be bigger. Check with instructions on your specific vape pen for CBD oil as they vary in tank size and strength.

Is It Possible to Overdose on CBD?

The Americans for Safe Access state that there haven’t been any cases of a lethal overdose of cannabis or its components. Researchers tried to estimate the median lethal dose, LD50, as a general indicator of the toxicity of CBD. However, no human study has yet established the LD50, which shows how safe the substance is. Even fairly safe drugs such as aspirin have an LD estimate.

One study, on an animal model, showed that it would take hundreds of times the average daily dose of CBD to come remotely close to the risk of overdosing. It is practically impossible for a normal person taking CBD, for a certain condition, to overdose. Research clarifies that CBD is non-toxic and does not hinder psychomotor or psychological actions. Even chronic use and high doses, up to 1,500 milligrams every day, were proven to be tolerable.

The Importance of CBD Lab Testing

Testing for a full cannabinoid profile and potency is a necessary step to verify whether the product is safe for consumers. Purchase your CBD oil for vape devices at Green Papas with confidence that they meet all of the safety requirements. If you are looking for a high-quality fill or e-liquid, you can see our lab test results.

We test our products following ISO/IEC 17025 (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”). They follow certified reference standards at known concentrations, which means you get exactly the amount of CBD advertised on the label.

If you are intimidated by the technical data on the report, remember that the most important thing to look at is the “Max Active THC” and the “Max Active CBD”. Don’t hesitate to do research on any aspect of CBD you don’t know about, because any health decision is a big responsibility. You can also read our blog for additional information.

How to Prevent the Side Effects of Vaping CBD

CBD side effects are generally mild and infrequent. Clinical tests showed that there was no notable difference between the placebo and the CBD group in the observed adverse reactions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that some studies showed that tiredness and exhaustion might occur in first-time users. After repeated administration, these reactions normally subside.

Tiredness and exhaustion can be prevented by taking low to medium doses, especially in the beginning. In comparison to traditional prescription medication, these side effects are insignificant and can be easily reversed by lowering the dosage.

Are There Other Ways to Take CBD?

CBD oil vaping is arguably one of the best and time-optimal methods of taking CBD. However, if for some reason, you want to branch out, you can use many other alternatives. For example, you can have it in the form of topical applications/balms, sublingual (under the tongue) tinctures, edibles, drinks, capsules, etc.

You can get creative and infuse food items on your own: take a stick of butter and stir in some CBD isolate (you should follow the correct measurements, of course). Then you can bake edibles whenever you like.

Speaking of being creative, you can repurpose your vape juice as a topical or oral CBD. It is made from ingredients that are of food-grade purity. Important: you can’t do it the other way around so don’t try to repurpose tincture into vaping juice!

Who Should You Trust?

Whether you are buying CBD oil vape pens online or at the store, there is always a risk the product won’t contain the advertised concertation. However, this isn’t even the worst thing you can stumble across in this market. Synthetic chemicals and contaminants that might be found in cheaply made products might seriously hurt your health. Besides, even if it’s as a promotional campaign, any ad stating that a business is giving away a CBD oil vape pen starter kit for free should raise suspicion from a reasonable consumer.

Green Papas is the type of company you can rely on. We are proud to present CBD oil products that are 100% natural and that have undergone rigorous quality control. Our organic Kentucky hemp is ethically sourced and brings medical benefits without making you feel high.

Get your CBD oil vape pen starter kit from a trusted source, and you will learn the wonder of CBD treatments through your own experience. Overwhelmingly positive reviews and our loyal customer base can vouch for our credibility. We are devoted to bringing effective CBD oil right to your customers’ door. Check out Green Papas range of products online or visit one of our stores in Middletown and Albany, NY.