Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs? All You Need to Know About Treats Containing CBD

Dogs and CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-narcotic chemical compound. Its content in cannabis can reach up to 40%. Over the past few years, cannabidiol has become one of the most popular dietary supplements in the US and Europe. All this is due to the fact that marijuana has therapeutic properties! In this article, we will talk about CBD oil for dogs – how to use it, when it can be helpful and how to use organic CBD oil for dogs.

CBD is sold in the form of oil, tinctures, edibles, pills, and tea. It can be added to creams, grease, bath salts, mascara, chocolate, and poured in a latte instead of caramel syrup. You can even find CBD oil in dog treats. CBD can be used to treat pain, cramps, seizures, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Moreover, cannabidiol can be of use for humans and pets at the same time.

The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp Oil

You may think – why should I drug my dog with some marijuana derivative? Isn’t it bad for dogs as well as for humans? Well, we are not exactly talking about marijuana. Let’s clarify the difference between the two.

Both hemp and MJ take their origins from the same sativa plant family. However, the two plants have completely different properties and they have different effects.

Hemp contains cannabidiol (abbreviated CBD), which is used to make therapeutic oils for dogs. Cannabidiol has an effect on the endocannabinoid system in the body, which means that you won’t be “on cloud nine” after taking CBD oil.

Marijuana contains a lot of the substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is responsible for the psychoactive effect, which is also known as a “high”.

As dogs are contraindicated to any amount of THC, hemp oil is made from pure CBD. All of Green Papas CBD-infused products contain organically sourced American hemp, which can introduce to your dog as well. See our lab test results to make sure your pet gets the purest, safest CBD oil.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the drug’s effects on your dog. Now that we’ve figured out the details, let’s talk about the benefits of CBD oil for pets.

CBD Oil’s Benefits for Dogs

First, let’s clarify the benefits CBD-containing food can have not only for dogs, but for humans as well. CBD has shown itself quite well as an antianxiety agent in the treatment of psychosomatic conditions. It often helps with painful symptoms and neurological problems of all kinds, such as debilitating headaches.

The authors of a review of preliminary studies published in the Neurotherapeutics Journal, in 2015, concluded that CBD has the potential to treat obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic and anxiety disorders.

But what does all of this have to do with pets? Is CBD oil good for dogs as much as it’s good for humans? The answer is yes. First of all, you have to understand that CBD is a natural supplement and is not a method of drugging your pet. If you decide to start your dog on CBD, the pet will behave completely like it always does, but will be calmer, more content, and less anxious.

is cbd oil safe for dogs

So, what benefits does CBD food supplements for dogs have and what are CBD oil’s benefits for dogs? They can be used to treat or alleviate stress, anxiety and seizures. CBD can also be useful for reducing painful arthritis, cancers, gastrointestinal diseases and nausea.

Because medical cannabis engages with a natural endocannabinoid system in a dog’s body, it has no life-threatening side effects – with the right dosage, of course. You can safely treat your dog with CBD oils without fear of damaging its kidneys or liver, as is the case with antibiotics.

If your pet is nervous, anxious, or aggressive for no reason, you might want to start giving it CBD-enriched supplements or CBD oil treats for dogs. After some time, you will see significant improvements in the temperament and anxiety of your dog. All animals are different, but the majority of dog-owners report reduced stress levels in their pets. CBD helps to decrease stress levels from overstimulation, which is something a lot of dogs (especially artificially bred dogs) have trouble with.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures

Unfortunately, not only people but also dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures. Many dog owners refuse to treat their pets with traditional medicines because of the terrible side effects. In such cases, CBD oil for dogs with seizures can come to the rescue and make life easier for both dogs and their owners.

Recently, a study was conducted by researchers from the Yamazaki University of Animal Health in Japan. Researches tried to find out if CBD can be useful in the treatment of pets’ epilepsy.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Epidiolex, a CBD-containing drug for curing seizures and epilepsy. Given the potential of CBD to treat humans, researchers from Japan became interested in the potential of the same drug to treat dogs suffering from epileptic seizures. Pet Behavior Science Journal published the study’s results.

For eight weeks, three dogs with regular epileptic seizures were given CBD oil. At the end of the experiment, two of the three dogs showed improvement. The first dog (Labrador Retriever) had only two seizures in the eight weeks of the experiment. It slept longer and better and barked less even in the presence of other dogs. The second dog (Chihuahua) had only one seizure during the experiment. The dog also became less nervous and less aggressive towards other dogs and people around him. All of this thanks to the help of CBD oil for seizures in dogs! The most important thing here is to determine the CBD oil dosage for dog seizures that will be best for your pet.

However, not only epilepsy can cause seizures – the reason can be different depending on the dog. Among other causes for seizures dog owners name:

  • Head injuries
  • Vaccines
  • Bad health condition (problems with liver or kidneys)
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Electrolyte problems
  • Tick and topical flea products
  • Cancer

So, before you give your dog CBD oil for epileptic seizures, rule out all other causes and check your dog’s health properly.

What Other Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

Can you give dogs CBD oil to prevent ailments other than seizures? Of course you can!

As mentioned above, cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system, which is present in both dogs and humans. However, dog’s brains contain more CB-1 and THC receptors, so the effect on them will be somewhat different. For example, dogs are much more sensitive to THC than humans. Therefore, it is advisable to use products containing pure CBD without any THC impurities to treat dogs.

Thanks to the excellent interaction of pure cannabidiol with the endocannabinoid system of the dog, oil, delicacies and edibles with CBD can help owners to overcome various ailments and significantly improve the lives of their pets. So, CBD:

  • Improves appetite and sleep
  • General improvement of gastrointestinal and nervous system health
  • Prevents inflammatory processes
  • Facilitates arthritis symptoms (such as joint pain)
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting, including symptoms from sickness
  • Suppresses muscle spasms, including reducing seizures
  • Reduces anxiety and barking or whining about stress, separation or aggression from other dogs

Visit one of Green Papas stores to get a full consultation on health benefits, uses, dosages and any other questions you might have. You can even bring your dog and let it have a taste!

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs?

There are several ways of giving your dog a CBD oil or food supplement. For many people, this process can be quite difficult, as dogs don’t understand what the medicine is and only go by what is delicious. They simply determine whether it is tasty or not, and eat the treat according to the taste of it. So, how can CBD oil be given to a dog? There are some great ideas on how to feed your dog with a treatment. Here are a few of them: 

  1. Find a CBD product your pet will love – it could be a bacon-flavored tincture, soft chewy CBD oil, or a meat-flavored treat mixed with CBD oil. Using such delicacies, you will not only make your dog happy by offering something new, but you will also be able to help alleviate their issue.
  2. Mix the oil with their food – add a daily dose of the CBD oil in your pet’s supper or breakfast.
  3. Directly feed the medicine to your dog. Can you give CBD oil to dogs who are attentive and careful about what they eat? If your dog is one of those pets who notices the slightest change in its owner’s behavior, diet and even the weather, no trick will help you. In this case, it’s best to apply the oil right in your dog’s mouth using a spoon, pipette or syringe.

is cbd oil safe for dogs

So, what is the best possible way to give CBD oil to dogs? Most dogs, who are accustomed to eating the same foods, don’t think about what’s in their bowl and start eating the moment you put food in front of them. So, the best way to get your dog to eat the medicine is to add the right amount of organic CBD oil for dogs to its food. With this method, the cannabidiol is guaranteed to enter your dog’s body. Plus, this way you don’t spoil your dog by giving it daily treats.

Shop for our organic tinctures and add them to your dog’s favorite treats. Green Papas follows the highest standards of quality, so we don’t put anything that could harm your dog.

With the right approach, dogs and CBD oil can become best friends. However, you need to be attentive and careful. If you feed your dog wet food, be especially careful. Some products containing cannabidiol are not compatible with wet food and may remain on the walls of the bowl in the form of oil. After feeding, make sure your dog doesn’t miss the medicine and eats it all.

Adverse Effects of CBD for Dogs

So, is CBD oil safe for dogs and are there any negative effects? There is still no scientific evidence of the harm caused by CBD oils to dogs. However, some conclusions can be drawn from the side effects of cannabis on humans. Among them, it is noted:

  • Dry mouth. This effect is similar to smoking marijuana – cannabidiol reduces saliva production. For both humans and dogs, this is expressed in increased thirst. So, we recommend that you prepare a bigger bowl of water for your pet.
  • Sleepiness. Because CBD is used by dog owners as a soothing and relaxing medicine, increased sleepiness can be a side effect. This is particularly noticeable when using high doses.
  • Reduced blood pressure. Your dog can become a little drowsy – and this is okay. CBD in high doses causes a drop in blood pressure, which explains this effect.

In the case of overdose, you may notice the following side effects: heavy drooling, vomiting, depression, tremors, lethargy and agitation. If you see any of these effects, contact your vet immediately!

Although all of these side effects are not life-threatening to your dog, we strongly recommend that you contact your vet and check your dog’s dosage. So, if you are asking, how to administer CBD oil to dogs, we strongly advise you against any self-medication. Any medicine or food additive can cause a negative reaction, so adding CBD to your dog’s diet should only be done under the supervision of your vet.

Another important guarantee of correct and successful treatment is finding a reliable supplier of the drug. You can find the best dog food supplements and oils with CBD at Green Papas.


So, now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of treating a dog with CBD oil. We hope you found this text useful and know there is a way for your dog to feel much, much better. CBD can be useful not only in treating seizures, but also in improving the appetite and the quality of sleep, reducing anxiety and relieving stress. However, before you start any treatment, be sure to talk to your vet about the dosage and preferred form of medication.