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Buying CBD buds online is a convenient way to learn all the information needed about a product and choose the most suitable one. If you are searching for a wide variety of strains,  order CBD buds from our online store now.


Full-spectrum CBD hemp buds contain nourishing cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Therefore, you have the chance to take advantage of the complete chemical makeup of the hemp plant that ensures incredible health benefits. The more healing compounds, the merrier.

How Does a CBD Bud Benefit the Brain & Body?

When one is considering buying CBD buds, they want to understand what exactly is standing behind a natural hemp product. The benefits are numerous. Moreover, they tend to build up in your body system. Here are some of them:

  • CBD buds available for sale on our website provide relaxation to the brain and body. This is the fastest way to reduce tension in comparison to other forms of CBD. So, if, for any reason, life has been hard on you, buy CBD buds from Green Papas online now.
  • Regarding the CBD strains, it may help you to regulate the sleep cycle and beat insomnia. Those who suffer from sleepless nights are likely to enjoy falling asleep more quickly and keep a prolonged period of rest.
  • If you are suffering from pain, buy CBD buds from our store now. The products may provide even chronic pain relief. However, don’t immediately increase the dose if it hasn’t completely gone. It’s more likely to happen within the long-term consumption.
  • Smoking CBD hemp joints shows promising results in reducing inflammation. This can benefit the user by reducing the risk of getting sick. This includes such diseases as arthritis, dermatitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), allergic reaction, and many others.

What Are the Benefits of Smoking CBD Flower Buds?

Our pre-rolled joints with CBD have almost the same benefits as other CBD strains. Nevertheless, they have several advantages that are very appealing:

  • Quick effect. Smoking CBD buds is the fastest way to get hemp flower buds into the bloodstream. It usually takes only several minutes to experience the first effect. However, the effect is known to fade away rather quickly as well.
  • Easy to use. What can be easier than smoking a rolled CBD hemp buds joint? The only thing you need is a cigarette lighter.
  • Easy to keep and transport. The compact size and convenient package make our joints from the best hemp strains easy to store and carry. It won’t require much space. Even a pocket is enough.
  • Quick pain decrease. As inhaling is a fast-affecting option, one has a chance to relieve pain within several minutes.
  • A natural substitute for other smoking options. Tobacco is a dangerous addiction that many aren’t able to fight. But smoking a high CBD hemp cannot provide addiction. Therefore, inhaling a CBD bud available for sale provides an opportunity to satisfy the need without severe tobacco damage.

How to Purchase CBD Buds Online?

The rising popularity of natural treatment and CBD, which shows promising results in influencing the body positively, are two factors that contribute to the growing number of CBD hemp buds offers. Every customer has a choice between a traditional offline shop and a CBD buds online store.

Some may think that there is nothing easier than making a purchase online. However, it is easy to order a bad-quality product or get burned.

In order to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable partner, first of all, check the provided documents. It should include product laboratory tests and papers, specifying the product ingredients and their amount.

We provide all of the relevant data on our website so that you can assure that Green Papas stands for integrity and reliability. Do you have any doubts still? See for yourself, and buy CBD buds from us online now!

In case you want extra proof on a particular seller, simply surf the independent review websites to help you make up your mind.

Are There Any Side Effects of Smoking CBD Hemp Buds?

If you are considering buying CBD buds yet have doubts about the side effects, we have good news for you. All CBD buds for sale are usually well-tolerated by our clients. However, side effects are a normal part of any product. This is not an exception.

On the whole, inhaling hemp buds may lead to slight dizziness or drowsiness. This can be the result of a high dosage, especially if it was used for the first time. Next time try to use a smaller one.

Other possible side effects include changes in appetite and weight, uncomfortable bowel movements, fatigue, and others. It can be a sign that your body is refusing cannabinoids or other ingredients. However, most likely, it also can be the result of a high dose.

More severe consequences may occur if you are taking other medications. The interaction between them and CBD flower buds is unpredictable. Therefore, it’s better to consult a doctor before you shop for CBD buds online.

We advise you to be especially cautious with inhaling hemp buds if you are taking such medications as steroids, antihistamines, immune modulators, HIV antivirals, liver medication, and some others.

Does our CBD Bud Show Up on a Drug Test?

In order to understand how things work with a CBD hemp flower and a drug test, it’s better to start from specifying the test type. Some tests, for example, hair tests, may detect even a small amount of the substance in a timeframe of up to 90 days. While others, which are more widespread like urine or blood tests, may not show any signs, even after several days after smoking.

Today companies carry out regular employees’ screenings in order to make sure that they don’t take drugs. Mostly, these tests are aimed at such widespread drug use, like marijuana.

Many people consider them safe, as they include a maximum of 0.3 THC. This is a permitted amount of THC. As for the psychoactive effect, it is not enough to make you high.

Buy CBD buds from a reliable seller only. Swindlers often mislabel the products or fail to be able to provide the documents proving the composition.

As you can see, our CBD flower buds are not likely to show up on a drug test. However, it can happen in the event of too high dosage or other factors.

Why Buy CBD Buds Online from Green Papas?

There are many vendors that offer CBD buds for sale. What makes the pre-rolled joints from Green Papas stand out for a first-time inhaler and for those who have already smoked before?

  • The highest quality. Our hemp buds are made from the best strains only in order to deliver the best CBD buds available online. Exceptional extraction methods are applied in order to preserve all the beneficial components.
  • Reasonable pricing. The cost of our CBD buds is calculated so as not become a burden to your wallet. Nevertheless, it has no impact on the quality aspect. Our secret of cost-efficiency is high productivity. If you are searching for the best price/quality option, buy CBD buds online from our store now.
  • Exceptional customer service. Regarding the day or timing, our customer service representatives are always here to resolve all of your problems. We can help you to choose suitable CBD products, provide all the necessary information on product manufacturing, usage, effects, etc.
  • Third-party approval. In order to prove our compliance level and reliability, we subject our CBD products to independent laboratory testing. You can find the official documentation on our website. Only deal with those who you can trust.

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3 reviews for 5 CBD Buds

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love these 5 magical CBD joints, they are my best friends. They are always waiting for me at home and will never leave me also it’s the health benefits. What could be better? thx

  2. 5 out of 5


    Green papas thank you very much for your excellent quality and fast delivery. I was looking forward to these babies, I order not for the first time I don’t even remember which one, I am thrilled with everything.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Very high-quality pre-rolls, I can say one thing – they are very good at helping to remove the strain. However, my wife does not really approve of them, so I have to hide and smoke one at a time, if it were not for her, I would order 10 more packs from you 🙂

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