inhale 510 Battery


Works with all Green Papas™ Cartridges and gets the job done! Comes in four great colors Black, White, Red, and Silver. 280mah 5 Clicks for ON/OFF 3 Clicks for Variable Voltage (GREEN = 3.0v, BLUE = 3.5v, RED = 4.0v) 2 Clicks to activate Preheat

All about Inaheler 510

Something for Everybody: The Inhaler 510 will make your life easier. With easy to connect socket you will be in heaven.The Inhaler 510 is available in black, silver, white and red colors. We have something for everybody! The designers took both aesthetics and functionality into consideration when creating the Inhaler 510. The Inhaler 510 is super-easy to use; it produces the amazing quality of vapor. This vape pen comes with a charger.

The All New

When you see this small, stealthy oil vape, you will love it! Designed for women and men alike as well as people with dexterity issues. The Inhaler 510 is available in 4 different colors. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology, you'll be amazed by the quality of vapor and flavor this vape produces. The cartridge sold separately.

Inhaler 510

There are advances being made in science and technology everyday.

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