1500 MG CBD Oil With THC Mint Flavor

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  • High-quality CBD manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties
  • Made with American Hemp
  • Third-party lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness



CBD oils are one of the most popular methods of taking this supplement, and there are multiple reasons for this occurrence. With our 1500mg CBD oil with 0.3% THC or pure CBD oil, you can achieve incredible results with just a few drops. It has great bioavailability, and all you need to do is hold the CBD beneath your tongue, and it will soon begin working its effects. It does not take hemp oil a lot of time to be absorbed by your sublingual gland.

How Does 1500mg CBD Oil with 0.3% THC Benefit the Brain & Body?

Our CBD products are a subtle yet effective tool for maintaining control over your well-being. It does not make you high, but the benefits go far beyond altering brain functionality. These 1500 mg CBD tinctures can have the following impact on your health:

  • Alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms – 1500mg CBD Liquid covers a wide range of mental health problems and struggles that people face every day. It has antidepressant-like properties and helps fight social anxiety and public speaking anxiety.
  • Reduce pain – It is arguably one of the most well-known benefits of hemp oil. It can affect multiple sources of pain: from the physical pain caused by arthritis to the neuropathic pain caused by MS.
  • Provide antipsychotic effects – CBD tincture with THC has been associated with fewer psychotic symptoms and preventing specific cognitive impairments. Interestingly, CBD works even for those people who respond minimally to the available pharmacological treatments.
  • Help fight drug addiction – One of the very useful CBD effects is that it interacts with brain circuits responsible for addictive behaviors. It can decrease dependency on drugs like heroin and morphine, and substitute pharmaceutical opioids for certain conditions to help not develop further addictions.
  • Reduce blood pressure – CBD by Green Papas can prevent very serious health issues by lowering your blood pressure. High blood pressure can eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and heart attacks. So, you can use CBD to get your heart health under control.
  • Fight insomnia – Try our CBD Oil with THC for sale to regulate your sleep cycle. CBD can be an answer to many sleeping difficulties that you may experience. In addition, since it relieves stress and alleviates pain, it also positively affects the quality of your sleep.
  • Eliminates and prevents acne – Acne is caused by excessive production of sebum, which is the natural oil produced for the skin. CBD makes a visible difference to your skin by regulating the sebaceous gland and reducing inflammation on the skin surface.
  • Reduce Alzheimer’s disease symptoms – Alzheimer’s disease is caused by neuroinflammation. And by shielding neurons from inflammatory damage, CBD helps limit further damage and reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.

Overall, the scope of CBD benefits is growing every single year. The more findings there are, the more cannabidiol’s use will increase. But what we know so far is that CBD has a comprehensive therapeutic profile with no intoxicating effects.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil with THC?

Alternatively, you can mix CBD oil with food or drinks and make it an even more enjoyable experience. For example, some people prefer to take CBD with their morning coffee to start off their day on the right foot. No matter how you choose to take your 1500mg CBD liquid, it will trigger zero to minimal side effects, and most consumers respond well to high doses.

CBD oils come in multiple flavors, which is another great perk. For example, you can find our CBD oil with THC online in mint flavor. Also, our formula is full-spectrum, which is believed to enhance the healing properties of CBD. Some terpenes that can be found in full-spectrum CBD are:

  • Limonene – Relieves stress and is thought to have mood-enhancing qualities. It also helps reduce symptoms of gastrointestinal issues.
  • Pinene – Helps improve working and reference memory as well as increase alertness and concentration. Also, it helps with inflammation and related medical conditions.
  • Linalool – Possesses anti-anxiety properties and is commonly used to treat depressive disorders, troubled sleep, and chronic stress.
  • Caryophyllene – Used in treatments for chronic pain with diverse causes. It is also described as an antioxidant, meaning it removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents.
  • Humulene – Has antibacterial properties and regulates appetite and eating habits.

Full-spectrum hemp oil, which you can find at our website also contains naturally occurring cannabinoids other than CBD. Even though they are less active than CBD, they still enhance overall CBD effects. Here are some examples and what they can do:

  • Cannabigerol – CBG is known to slow and even kill bacterial growth, reduce inflammatory responses, stop cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth.
  • Cannabinol – CBN is responsible for the sedative effects of CBD. It is often used as a sleep-aid for those who suffer from insomnia.
  • Cannabichromene – CBC is believed to alleviate inflammation and pain. Additionally, it shows the ability to stimulate bone growth.

Does 1500 mg CBD Tincture with 0.3% THC Show Up on a Drug Test?

There are many different testing methods used to detect substances that are not supposed to be consumed at the workplace. The most common of them is a urine test since it is the most effective technique in terms of coverage. It is a painless and easy way to detect marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine, methamphetamines, and other drugs.

It is not a secret that full-spectrum CBD products contain some THC but in tiny amounts. This amount is highly unlikely to register on your drug test results. If you take massive amounts of CBD with THC, you could potentially fail the test.

Hopefully, you no longer have any doubts about CBD drug tests conducted by employers or independent healthcare professionals. After all, your employer is interested in you feeling your best at work, which may sometimes require buying CBD oil. Since CBD helps you achieve that without hindering your mental and physical abilities, it bears no risk for all parties.

Is It Legal to Offer CBD Oil with THC for Sale?

According to federal law, oral drops or any other products for sale derived from hemp are legal. Our 1500 mg CBD tincture with 0.3% THC follows this requirement, so it will cause no trouble on the legal side. The rule is a fairly recent development, and it has completely changed the CBD industry pushing it out of the gray legal zone.

Unlike marijuana, which is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration, hemp plants fall under the category of agricultural commodities. The reason is that in 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the production and online sale of hemp. Technically speaking, hemp oil can only be considered as such when it contains less than 0.3% of THC. If you are not sure what makes THC different from CBD, here is why.

CBD and THC are active components in the cannabis species, which is further divided into many subspecies. The most widely known subspecies are hemp and marijuana. THC is a psychoactive compound, which is responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Products derived from hemp contain very little THC (or no THC in pure CBD oil), and most of its medicinal benefits are linked to CBD.

In theory, there could be a possibility of a CBD product containing a larger concentration of THC. For example, a hemp crop can accidentally start growing marijuana packed with THC, or a CBD product might get contaminated during the extraction and manufacturing processes. However, it is not something you should worry about when it comes to purchasing our products. To raise any doubts, we made results from our third-party lab tests publicly available, which confirm that everything is safe.

The company is always accountable for offering strictly legal products. But additionally, as a responsible consumer, you should be aware of what you are consuming, and it starts with reading the label and checking the ingredients list. You can buy CBD oil with THC online, but it is crucial that it has no more than 0.3 percent THC. We are fully compliant with this rule, so our products are federally legal.

Why Choose CBD Oil with THC Online from Green Papas?

As a company, we pay special attention to find the best sources of hemp, extraction methods, filtering, and processing methods, flavoring components, and so on. Our CBD oil with THC for sale is made with an end-user in mind. Not only do we want to present you with high-quality products, but we also want to have them for sale at an affordable price.

This 1500mg CBD oil with 0.3% THC is made from pesticide-free, non-GMO, industrial hemp. We know that American-grown hemp is the best source of beneficial components. From a health potential standpoint, the full-spectrum formula of our oral drops will make it an even more powerful tool to fight insomnia, pain, anxiety, etc.

Terpene profiles in our 1500 mg CBD tinctures transform the whole experience into something resembling an aromatherapy practice. Nearly all the major terpenes in industrial hemp are preserved, and after mixing it with mint flavor, we create a unique scent many of our customers swear by.

When you buy CBD products online, you want to make sure that these CBD oral drops will truly impact your health positively. At Green Papas, we are proud to offer:

  • Knowledge – We know what we’re doing. We are well-versed in all kinds of manufacturing practices, source ingredients, and packaging methods and use only those that produce the best results.
  • Experience – Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded our product range to include all forms of CBD. Our CBD oil with THC is an example of products that are made with great expertise behind our backs.
  • Affordability – It makes sense that any customer wouldn’t want an overpriced product. At the same time, they don’t want the affordability to compromise the product’s quality. We manage to achieve both.
  • Trustworthiness – All of our products that are for sale have undergone rigorous testing from a third-party laboratory. This step ensures that our CBD oil doesn’t contain any unwanted substances, and the concentrations are correct.

Taking care of your physical and mental health should always be a priority. Buying our 1500 mg CBD oil tincture now will make your life more comfortable and less stressful.


Mint, Natural


100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 3000mg


Full spectrum, THC-free

Lab test


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract;
  • Organic Hempseed Oil;
  • Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil;
  • Organic Flavoring.

1500mg CBD Oil With THC Made with American Hemp

Our CBD products are made using organically grown hemp. The hemp is CO2 extracted, which means there are no solvents in our products. This is the purest, cleanest way to extract CBD oil with THC. We use only organic carrier oils and flavors where possible. Each product is tested by an ISO certified Lab.

How to use

  • Shake the bottle before use;
  • Put the desired amount of CBD oil with THC undertake tongue, hold for 60 seconds before swallowing;
  • Take one dropper by mouth as needed, increasing the dosage to reach the desired effect;
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

The Dosage of 1500 mg CBD oil with THC Tincture

Usually, one dropper is enough. However, your CBD susceptibility is an individual indicator, so you should adjust the dosage for yourself. In any case, it is worth starting with a minimal amount and then listening to your body. If the effect is unsatisfactory, consider increasing the dosage.

How to Determine CBD Per Serving

A typical serving is one full dropper, which is 1 milliliter/mL. mL is a measured volume. There are approximately 30 servings/30 droppers of CBD oil in a 1oz bottle. The amount of CBD oil with THC is measured in milligrams/mg. Mg is a measure of weight.

The simple formula to determine the dosage per 1 dropper:
Total CBD (mg) / Total Servings = Total mg per dropper
250mg / 30 = 8.3 of CBD per dropper
500mg / 30 = 16.6 of CBD per dropper
1000mg / 30 = 33.3mg of CBD per dropper

* Start with a lower concentration and increase or decrease to reach the desired effect
**Every person has a different CBD tolerance


15 reviews for 1500 MG CBD Oil With THC Mint Flavor

  1. 5 out of 5


    Greenpapas has a quality line of products at reasonable prices. I couldn’t be happier!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Tom H.

    Before using that CBD, I experimented by using entheogens, however, they don’t work for my depression. Not only that but now I have disgust for any entheogens for that type of problem. But CBD worked much better! That not a hollow hype as I think at the beginning of the 1-month course. 1-2 drops per normal day worked fine! I already feel much better in a long period and that is very encouraging for me!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Phillip B. Carter

    After using Green Papas CBD tincture for extended periods, I have come to fully appreciate the virtues of CBD oil. Long-time period of not stretching my body after weightlifting intensely, I left myself with more than a couple of skeletal and neuropathologies that carry constant torment to my life.

    After a month of using it with stretching exercises, my pain disappeared! I am such a great amount of happier than before – my body now can move freely. Not to mention, my mood improves every day as well.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Thanks to this, CBD oil can think clearly, without fog, and can sleep peacefully during the night. After waking up, I feel calm and I can be balanced, relaxed during the day. It is also very effective in relieving stress after hard work.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Louie M. Neal

    Thank you, it made me calm again:) I really realized something deep and powerful. Something that really helped conquer my anxiety and poor quality of sleep. It’s great to be a calm parent again!

  6. 4 out of 5

    James K

    Recently, I became interested in the CBD because of tensions.

    In my first attempt to correct tension and nerves, I tested hemp extract from Amazon, which turned out to be a dummy that practically does not affect tension and at the same time causes nausea.

    And then I tried this bad guy! I did not stop getting nervous and tense at all but rather began to understand more with my mind, not with my nerves. Now I have a period when I can choose my reaction or not react at all! Of course, at work, eccentric clients often come across with whom one cannot help but be nervous. But now I do it in a controlled and conscious way!
    If you have stress, you must start with suitable natural instruments, not rubbish from Amazon. As I understand it, the real CBDs are not sold there at all because of some sort of troubles with policy rules!

  7. 3 out of 5

    Sue S.

    Only double dose works on me.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Joshua Riley

    Papas why so good? I’m waiting for new tastes 🙂

  9. 5 out of 5


    Bought to get rid of insomnia, CBD tincture very much helped. And bonus – disappeared pimples on the face, at first I thought it’s not CBD but after reading the product description more closely I noticed that CBD also helps with pimples, thank you papas

  10. 5 out of 5


    The more I buy the less I regret that I bought

  11. 5 out of 5


    Easy to consume
    CBD tincture is the most convenient form of hemp extract. I always order 1500mg mint-flavored cannabis oil from Green Papas. A small amount is easy to carry and hide. It’s also easy to consume. Put a few CBD drops under the tongue and wait for 30-90 minutes. I usually feel the effect after 45 minutes.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Good package, fast delivery
    It’s impossible to know if the product is good when you order online. I purchased a flavored CBD oil from Green Papas, and the delivery service really impressed me. It arrived on time and in a good package. All the product information was there. Green Papas values small yet essential customer service details.

  13. 5 out of 5

    Cerys Iqbal

    My dad suffers from back pain. He gets massages and injections, but nothing helps. A health specialist suggested checking out Green Papas’ products. We decided to order the hemp CBD tincture. It works! Full relief! The combination of massage and CBD oil contributed to his relief. My dad hasn’t noticed any side effects. A nice feature of the tincture is the mint taste. I heard it helps with migraines. I will buy more.

  14. 5 out of 5


    I love Green Papas: favorite provider, high-quality products, perfect customer support, and fast order arrival time! It’s the best brand of CBD tinctures. Since I first purchased it, I’ve been using it for years. Panic attacks were my struggle for a long time due to stress, but not anymore. I choose THC-free oil to avoid problems with drug tests. Prices are high, but the quality is excellent. I buy two bottles monthly.

  15. 5 out of 5


    I had chronic muscle pain. One magazine stated living CBD tincture is the perfect supplement for muscle pain. I was looking for CBD oil in Colorado when my boss recommended me to check the Green Papas’ website. I ordered one test bottle. One week of usage brought me so much relief. Delivery time and customer support are on a high level. I need more bottles to share with my family. Good service, a good result.

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